No one sets out to go through bankruptcy but sometimes it becomes a necessity.  Bankruptcy can be brought about by large medical bills, loss of a job, divorce, poor financial planning or the need to save a home from a mortgage or tax foreclosure.  The Country’s Founding Fathers, in the Constitution, granted Congress the power to establish “uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States” to help in the regulation of commerce.

Bankruptcy can give the debtor freedom from overwhelming debt and the ability to obtain a fresh start in life.  A Bankruptcy Attorney  can evaluate the debtor’s case, determine if the debtor is eligible to file, decide on the type of bankruptcy the debtor should pursue, determine whether the debtor files individually or with spouse and suggest the most advantageous time for filing.

A thorough and honest interview of the debtor (and spouse) by the Bankruptcy Attorney in person is the best method to gather accurate and essential information. We will use worksheets at the initial interview and request you take them home to make sure nothing is left out.  You must provide us with the names, addresses and account numbers of all your creditors as well as the amounts owed. You will provide us with recent paystubs, earnings, W-2’s, and Income Tax records. You must share with us information regarding your assets so we may disclose them and determine if they are exempt from creditor’s reach or are to be liquidated.  It is only with a complete disclosure of all liabilities and assets that we can most effectively represent your interests.

With this total disclosure, I as your Bankruptcy Attorney can properly advise you of the appropriate Bankruptcy Chapter under which to file.  A Chapter 13 is a reorganization of your finances over a period of three to five years and a Chapter 7 is a more immediate liquidation of non exempt assets and discharge of your liabilities. As your Bankruptcy Attorney I can then verify that your petition, to the best of my knowledge, is grounded in fact and law and not improper.

I have more than thirty years experience in this area of law. I would like to use this experience to serve you. You may call my office at 585-768-2261or email me at to arrange for an interview.