Real Estate

The purchase of a home is often the most important investment of a life time.  The sale of that   home can provide security in later life.  You need the protection of an experience law office in such a major transaction.  My paralegal and I have over sixty (60) years experience in representing clients in the purchase and sale of homes.  We will give you the individual attention needed, explain the necessary steps to be taken and protect your legal and financial interests.

If you are purchasing a home we will assist you in the following areas:

  • Prepare and review purchase contract
  • Advise concerning counter-offers
  • Approve or reject contract terms
  • Assist in mortgage applications
  • Review inspection requirement and negotiate repairs
  • Remove contingencies to sale
  • Order redate of title documents upon approval of mortgage
  • Review title documents, order title insurance and request curatives if needed
  • Send title documents to bank attorney
  • Work with seller and bank attorney in curing title and other problems
  • Schedule closing with attorneys, review closing statements and mortgage   expenses
  • Calculate final amount needed to close
  • Attend closing

If you are selling a home we will assist you with the following:

  • Review purchase contract and advise concerning potential counter offer
  • Approve or reject a final contract
  • Upon receipt of purchaser’s mortgage commitment and removal of contingencies, order updated title  documents
  • Prepare new title documents
  • Send documents to buyer’s attorney
  • Work out title curative so title is clean and acceptable to purchaser
  • Schedule closing after calculating and preparing closing statement
  • Order mortgage pay off and final water and sewer bills
  • Attend closing and pay off mortgage

In addition, if you are having difficulties with zoning, real property taxation, assessments, special property districts or tax foreclosures, my 17 years experience as a municipal attorney and 21 years as a county legislator may prove helpful to you.

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